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Producing Fun Loving PawPals!

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Willow had 2 Puppies on
July 9, 2022
Please do not adopt/purchase a puppy if you cannot provide adequate time and love!!  It is our desire that each of our puppies go to a loving, caring home!!

Why Choose US?

Number 1 is that we care about our puppies and giving you the BEST puppy buying experience!


Hi!  Our names are Noah and Loretta Schmucker.  We live on a 16 acre farm in the town of Spencerville in northern Indiana.  We strive to raise high quality, family-friendly, healthy puppies!  Each of our puppies are handled gently with much care.  Our moms and dads are happy, lovable, and loyal.  They love to roam our farm: chasing horses, playing with each other, or just taking a leisure nap in the shade.  When they're old enough and weather permitting, we also love to take our puppies outside and play with them and watch them play and explore!  Our 6 children also love these little playful playmates.  Since we homeschool our children, there are lots of opportunities for them to snuggle with and socialize our puppies.

Giving our customers a pleasant buying experience is also top priority!  We strive to be honest and upfront throughout the entire journey.  We try to respond quickly to all calls, texts, or emails. (Sundays there may be a delay due to going to Church and spending time with our Church family.  Serving Christ is our TOP priority!)  We also try to update pictures and videos weekly- giving you a personal glimpse into your puppy's life and to watch him/her grow.  Our puppies will receive wormings in regular intervals and appropriate vaccines at the right ages.  They will also get a vet exam before you take him/her home and you will will receive a one year health guarantee.  There are also many options when it comes to receiving your puppy.  We can fly them to you, you can stop by and pick him/her up, or we may be able to meet halfway depending on where you are located.

Another reason to choose us is our outstanding reviews!  We have many customers who tell us how well pleased they are.  They say over and over how smart these puppies are and how they are easy to potty train and how they love their non shedding coats or close to it!  You can check out some of our reviews on our 'Tesimonials' page.

Now you can meet our 'team'.

Noah   Loretta


Joseph  Titus  Stephanie  Lucas  Elliott  Kaitlyn


Joseph  Bramble  Lucas  Alley  Titus

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